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Kawasaki sports industry was founded in 1915, is one of the world'sleading brands.

Shenzhen Chuandqi Sports Co., Ltd. was bulit up in year 2002, is international sporting goods company.
The company owns KAWASAKI Sporting Goods trademark in the Asia-Pacific region for research and production bases with international standards. it mainly deals with tennis and badminton seres of sporting goods, including badminton rackets, tennis rackets, sportwear,professional sports shoes and badmintons.

In 2009 KAWASAKI invited international badminton coach Li Mao for KAWASAKI global technology consultant. In Mar of 2013, KAWASAKI international Badminton club was established in Malaysia. With positive spirit, the Company is leading brand in same area.

Provide high quality badmintons and tennis sports products in worldwide.

The company will achive happiness for its staff both in material and spirit: it will alsorealize,the

fast growth of the company and make contributions to social progress, people's health and happiness at the same time.

It is the purpose of our business to research, producte and seel tennis and badminton products which are customers most desired.

It is the moral principles of honest, trustworhy, kind, modesty and integrity we have to uphold.

It is our attitde towards life to be enthusiastic, optimistic, positive and reputable and constantly bettering ourselves.

It is our actions programme to be dutifully, to spare no effects in all aspects and to pursue the higest levels with responsibility.

It is the guiding principle of our work to create the higest quality at lower costs.

Continuous innovation and improvement is the source of strenght to support enterprise development of.

It is our inevitable responsibility to give customers and colleaues the sincare and excellent service beyond their expectations.

It is our to action to adhere to the principles of proactive, quick action, pramatic and efficient, resolutely implementation.

It is the basis of our existence to respect of every member, to work together create a harmonious and winwin culture atmosphere.


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Kawasaki is:

PowerBad Wojciech Szkudlarczyk
Piaskowa 20 str.
62-040 Puszczykowo, Poland
NIP: 777-280-18-21

Kawasaki Sport


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